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this morning. the first of the season rolling through north dakota. dropped snow in montana. it's intensifying now. we are going get school cancellations in grand forks. 40-mile-per-hour winds and six inches of snow. by anyone's standards, that's a snowstorm. it's going to spread into the northwest corner of minnesota. fargo could get some. here is a web cam, the university of north dakota medical school. you can see the snow coming down. there's a car in the background getting snow covered. as temperatures fall, you'll see the snow accumulating on the roads. as far as how much snow, six to 12 inches to the north and west of grand forks on the minnesota side. fargo, north dakota, one to three inches. just an early taste of winter for them. new york city down to d.c., it's a mild morning on the eastern sea board. the humidity is still with us. the cold air in the middle of the country is going to take a bit to get to the east coast. >> thanks so much. >>> hp plunges. fbi black market bus and hiring 300,000 employees. sounds good. celebrities offer brutal critiques of last night's presidential d
-span's booktv. >> a look at the most competitive senate race this year in north dakota. representative rick berg faces heidi heitkamp. >> julie from "the national journal" looking at the senate race in north dakota, a tight race there between the republican and democrat, and this is a state where president obama's fairly certain to lose by double digits. why is the senate race expected to be so close? >> guest: for sure obama is expected to lose by double digits in north dakota, but heidi heitkamp, people agree is the one candidate that could have made this a race for democrats. republicans are expected to win this seat in the beginning, and it would have been a republican pickup, but she's kind of crafted the independent persona. she really, you know, touts her sen credentials on the trail. this race has been a dead heat for months. >> host: they met at a debate last night, c-span's airing that debate tonight on c-span 2 at eight o'clock for those who want to watch that, but talk about the strategy of nationalizing this raise on berg's part. >> guest: sure. i'm what he basically needs to d
election, he would vote for chavez. >> this is north dakota for reminding us you can have fabulous economic success if government gets out of the way. they had a mindboggling piece, the heart of north dakota oil fracking boom has doubled the average income over the last five years making it the top hundred richest counties in the countries. they quoted an excerpt saying that right now, north dakota is using 2,000 new millionaires a year. >> paul: this is the hit to the country not to the state of georgia but they held elections. for the first time is going to see a new opposition g
, everyone. full out snowstorm is underway in areas of eastern north dakota. winter starts early in the dakotas, but this is slightly ridiculous. we didn't see too much in the way of the bismarck area but right now rain has turned over to snow from jamestown, grand forks will soon change over and even fargo will watch it turning to snow in the morning. we could even see school cancellations in this area for the first week of october. how much snow are we talking about? there's a possibility along interstate 29, the white is 3 to 6 and the pink is 6 to 12. a quick thump to the eastern side of minnesota right with the border of north dakota. other areas of concern today, still more fog this morning in the northern mid-atlantic states. the airports could have more delays. new york city down to philadelphia. still very humid and mercy. we've cleared it out for nice weather texas into the ohio valley. the cold air behind that snowstorm, billings and denver down into the 30s. this cold air is going to sweep across the midwest. minneapolis will have a very chilly day and eventually that
. >> it is that time of year when starting to come states. united this is north dakota. snow is not unusual there at time of year. as much as 10 inches of snow north dakotaastern today. >> that is called a recess. >> that is called summer. >> a lot of lees were still out there. some spots had 10 -- leaves still out there. spots had 10 inches of snow. >> that is not on the way here? >> no. this is north dakota. the temperatures are mighty low. is the current temperature, 39 degrees right now. storminess. area of there is still one storm, a tropical storm oscar. 81 degrees today. the decrease in humidity. temperatures into the 70's, but minneapolis, 47 degrees. there to editors dropped 30 degrees. saturday and sunday -- dropped to 30ures degrees. saturday and sunday, that coming ourwill be way. overnight tonight, at some air.htful of sunshine tomorrow all up and down the east coast. saturday, and some showers will approaching coming through. here comes the cold front. as we get down into sunday, it be cold with a dusty wind.esterly also some passing rainshowers on sunday. thing here, less hum
the details exclusively from north dakota senator john hoeven. even when they say it's not, it's always about money melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. there was no celebration on wall street over september's positive jobs number. only the dow managed to close the week in positive territory. it was up over just 34 points. >>> consumer credit rose more than 8% in august. it's fastest expansion in three months. that is a sign that consumers are ready to make big purchases again. >>> one year ago today, steve jobs, the visionary cofounder of apple, died at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. the company remains an industry powerhouse despite the loss of their leader. >>> now on to our top story tonight. good news on the jobs front. according to the household survey, 700, i'm sorry, 873,000 people found a job last night. last month. that brought the unemployment rate down to 7.8% for the first time in 3 1/2 years. the employers survey though reported a very different number, only 114,000 people found a job. that means, 759,000 people found a job b
didn't really mean it. >>> democrats assume the north dakota senate seat was a goner. now democrat heidi hide camp has turned certain defeat into a tossup. she could win and she joins us here tonight. >>> finally, you knew this was coming. >> a bunch of malarkey. >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> it's irish. >> no, no, no. irish is i come over there and smack that dumb look off your face. >> "snl" takes on the vice presidential debate in the "sideshow" that and a preview of a helium filled debate between myself and bill o'reilly. this is "hardball," the place for politics. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. . >>> we've got some new poll numbers in some key
that people from north dakota should make decisions about their family and their opportunities. i served in the best legislature in the country. we crafted policy that has made north dakota the economic envy of the nation. washington likes to make complicated. it is simple. we live within our means and make the tough decisions today in our time and watch. that is the north dakota way. that is what i will fight for in washington. >> 11 months ago i got into this race because like many of you i believe that washington was a place that was badly broken. the politicians seemed to care more about their party than they did about their people. they cared more about their own selves than they did about moving this country forward. two years ago congressmen berg sat here and promised he would end the parses it and move this country forward. that did not happen. on important pieces of legislation like the farm bill, he said i am willing to cut $180 billion out of the farm program. he was willing to change the whole medicare system that would eventually cost retirees about 6400 extra dollars a year
. this is the debate for north dakota's u.s. senate seat being vacated by senator kent conrad. my guests today are the republican nominee and north dakota congressman rick berg and the democratic nominee, former attorney general heidi heitkamp. welcome to both of you and thank you so much for being here. both candidates will have one minute for opening and closing statements and in between there will be topics asked by me in which case there will be discussion and debate. representative. berg: -- rick berg. bric i would like to thank everyone watching. this election may be the most important election in our lifetime. you know if we don't get our country back on track, to path of growth and prosperity of our children and grandchildren will not inherit the same country that we did. a senator i will fight against barack obama's failed policies and ford for the idea that north dakotans shouldn't be decisions about their family money and opportunities. i was raised in north dakota and i served in the best citizen legislature in the country where worked with senators and we craft a policy that has m
want to point them out, a new poll out of michigan has the preside president. in a north dakota, the natt race between republican congressman rickberg and former democrat -- released yesterday, berg and high camp tied at 47%. and finally for the senate race in massachusetts where the wbr poll makes a turn in that race. scott brown is now up on elizabeth warren. there's at of different numbers coming out of massachusetts, that's just the most recent. some of them have shown warren ahead. the imf is again lowering it's forecast for global economic growth calling the risk of a worldwide slowdown, quote, alarmingly high. let's get to the market rundown. becky quick is here. we have been talking about a worldwide slowdown in growth for four years. >> the last time they did it was back in april. now they're talking about 3.3%. so it keeps getting scrunches and scrunched and scrunched and feeling more and more painful. this 33 point growth is making sure that we as americans get our act together and don't go over the fiscal shift. too much austerity can have some really bad implication
of the most competitive races in the country for senator of north dakota. the candidates met in debate last night and earlier today we spoke with a reporter watching the race. >> julie is going to join us to look at the senate race in north dakota. a very tight senate race between republican rick burke and democrat heidi highcamp. this is a speech where president obama is certain to lose by double digits. >> obama is expected to lose by double digits in north dakota. people basically agree is one candidate that could have made this a race for democrats. republicans are expected to win the seat in the beginning and would have been republican pickup. he has crafted this independent persona, and centrist credentials on the trail and people say to the great campaigner good ads and this race has been a dead heat. .. he's also trying senator majority leader harry reid, and the vote for the camp is a vote for the democrats to pull the senate majority so the state where mitt romney is going to win people he's tried to emphasize look at the big picture, look at who was in control of the senate and v
deputies whisper to the press later, he didn't really mean it. >>> democrats assumed the north dakota senate seat was a goner. now democrat heidi heitkamp has turned certain defeat into a toss-up. she could win, and she joins us here tonight. >>> finally, you knew this was coming. >> a bunch of malarkey. >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> it's irish. >> no, no, no. irish is i come over there and smack that dumb look off your face. >> "snl" takes on the vice presidential debate in the "sideshow," that and a preview of a helium filled debate between myself and bill o'reilly. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> we've got some new poll numbers in some key battleground states. first in florida, a new ppp poll shows a tight race down there with mitt romney leading obama by one. that's numbers are so close, 49%, 48%. in north carolina ppp has romney up two, 49%, 47%. in pennsylvania president obama's lead is down to four points. obama, 49%, romney, 45%. in ohio, president obama's firewall seems to be holding there. the new ppp poll there has obama up by five, 51%, 46%. in new me
air and that spells snow. places like north dakota, into minnesota, you could be waking up to about 15 centimeters of snow. there are watches and warnings in place for you in montana, north dakota, as well as minnesota. meanwhile to the south of the system where it is a bit drier, hard frees warnings for wyoming and south dakota. taking a look at the temperatures, they're already starting to fall away. winnipeg, 5 degrees. fargo, just 3 degrees for the high today. cooler air is going to be impacting a much larger area of the northeast over the next few days. chicago, 23. we'll drop down to about 12 degrees on thursday. and new york city as well, you'll be dropping down by about ten degrees into the weekend also. still staying in the 30s in miami as well as houston with a warm 26 in los angeles. into europe we go. not much change here in the northwest. we've been seeing a large system just sending front after front into towards scandinavia and the continent. today you'll be finding thunderstorms from norway, swed sweden, down there into northern france. reports of gusts exceeding 70 kil
. >> no. >> good morning, everyone, yesterday, the snow was flying at this time in areas of north dakota. it moved into minnesota. this is pictures from fargo, north dakota. this is early in the season for a snow event. usually we get the first snow about mid october. a week or two early. it did cause some issues out there, but a lot of it will be melting in the days ahead. that big storm is kicking into northern minnesota and southern canada. on that front will have some showers and storms. driving on interstate 70 from kansas city to st. louis, there's a lot of strong showers and storms and this is blowing down with the central parts of illinois. chicago you look like that's going to stay to your south. the big weather story, the cooler air has swept into the middle of the country. out ahead of it, if you like summertime warmth enjoy it from the eastern seaboard. up i-95 through all the big cities it will be one of the warmest days you'll see until next mid to late spring. temperatures in the 80s. we're starting off in the 60s from boston all the way down to atlanta. with a good deal o
's hard to believe they are pulling out the ice scrapeers and shovels in north dakota. the national weather service calling for more snow. unbelievable. it's october. these pictures they are from fargo and they say even though it's autumn looks like winter. about 6500 homes and businesses lost power because of the snow. and get this, temperatures on sunday they were in the mid- 80s. hard to believe but that's the case. >> lynette. >> pretty though. >> all right. yes, they are dealing with the snow. you can see it moo canada and in northern minnesota and the tip of north dakota. they will deal with that going throughout the day. we are on a far cry away from that. we have temperatures in the 80s. that's what i am forecasting for today. lots of sunshine and we can see clear skies as of now and the sun is beginning to arrive. we can see in ellicott city dealing with a stellar day. it's going to be beautiful outside and temperatures this morning coming in on the cool side. we are a little above average but without the humidity out there, we feel really good. 62 in annapolis. bel air at
the outliers are four races with their own dynamics. there's north dakota, a must-win for the gop. connecticut, where linda mcmahon and chris murphy are locked in an increasingly nasty battle. of course there's massachusetts, where republican scott brown and elizabeth warren are locked into win of the tightest, highest profile races in the country. then there's the wild cards like arizona, maine wrrks they could elect the state's first independent senator ever and of course there's missouri, featuring todd akin the senate candidate no one seemed to want until it became too late to get anyone else. all of these races with time and tempers seem to be running out. >> when senator brown talks here in massachusetts got how very bipartisan he is and how very independent he is, he's sure not saying the same thing wen he goes around raising money. >> i'm not a student in your classroom. please let me respond. >> she doesn't have a record to run on so all she can do is try to get the people of the state of wisconsin not the like me. >> you call that a conservative? the words have lost their meaning. >>
but the leaves are still on the trees here. not the case though in north dakota. look at this. they're having to deal with the real thing. we're talking about snow. take a look at this. yep. snow beginning to look a little more like winter there. an inch of snow expected to fall in parts of north dakota, maybe more, minnesota. now according to the national weather service this may stick around, this is unusual but not unheard of right? >> exactly. you said it megan. but satellite and radar and you can see the snow coming down in north dakota. and also minnesota is going to get in on the action and when it's all said and done, locally they could see up to about a foot of snow. so we'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for that one. it's a little bit too soon for us to get snow and even want the snow but hopefully we will get some snow in here. but for today just rain pushing from the south to the north with plenty of cloud covers and also some patchy fog in spots the morning. we can see in bel air just clouds coming in across the area. as well as lots of humidity and temperatures in the upper 6
in north dakota. shelley berkley is neck and neck in nevada. all of these women are giving the democrats a fighting chance and taking control of the senate. i'm joined by michelle goldberg contributing writing for "newsweek" and keli goff, political correspondent for i guess we could say that maybe four or five months ago, we wouldn't be here having this conversation. but it's been the war on women, it's been the middle class, the 47% comment. there's a host of things out there. it's really having a down ballot effect. how scary is it right now for the republicans if this is just going to blow up in their face? >> what's scary is a couple of the races are races that they really shouldn't be losing. the todd akin race, most obviously. but even wisconsin, even a lot of people who really admire tammy baldwin, a popular governor, they thought she was in a lot of trouble. instead she's really pulling ahead. >> when you see the number of democratic female candidates who are doing well, does this help the president? what does it look like? >> absolutely. they called 1992 the year o
's issues, 47 percent in medicare, it's working. and there are others. hide ae heitkamp in north dakota. mario hirono and shelly berkeley neck and neck in nevada. all of these women are giving democrats have a fighting chance. well, i guess we could say four or five months ago we wouldn't be here having some conversation. but it's been the war on women. it's been the middle class. the 47% comment. there's a host of things out there. but it is really having a down ballot effect. how scary is it, you think, michelle, right now, for the republicans that this will just blow up in their face? >> well i think what is scary is that a couple of these races, as you said, are races they shouldn't be losing. the todd aiken race most obviously. but even wisconsin. even a lot of people who admire tammy baldwin thought when tommy thompson won the primary, very popular former governor with a kind of moderate reputation, they thought she was in a lot of trouble and instead she really pulling ahead. >> when you see kelly, the number of democratic female candidates doing well, is z this help the presiden
in parts of north carolina. -- north dakota. the state was hit with the first snowstorm of the season and there is four inches on the ground in grand forks. more is on the way. a winter storm warning is issued for northeast north dakota and that area can see as much as a foot of snow. i can't imagine snow right now. >> isn't that crazy? >> and that brings back unpleasant memories, right? >> and i hep we have another winter, though. >> yes. glass half full. >>> as we continue, the dangers of drunk driving on display at a local high school. >> and find them scattered near night clubs downtown and find out who is making a fuss about flyers. >> and if you have a story idea, call 2028953000. and ask for jr. he loves it when i say that and send us an e-mail to i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowin
dakota. nevada has the highest unemployment rate. we talk about that one all the time at 11.8%. north dakota has the lowest, just 3% there. >> well, there is a big despa dispari disparity. where we're seeing the highest unemployment rates, florida, nevada, battleground states, that's where the housing crisis will end up being the worst. where there was the biggest housing bubble, and the biggest pop. and you're actually see that places that didn't really end up having those housing bubbles in some of these states, particularly in the midwest, also states that you were just talking about like north dakota, and particularly north dakota, there's been a big energy boom in those states with fracking and things like that. but, you -- the states that really ended up having the biggest housing issues were the ones that are continuing to still have the highest unemployment rates in the country. >> what about this new nbc poll regarding iowa and wisconsin? that's where the president is maintaining his lead among likely voters. neither state saw much of a shift in september. so did the debate h
. and in north dakota, former state attorney general heidi heitkamp is staring down republican freshman congressman rick berg. the outcome in these and a handful of other races, including in massachusetts, montana, nevada, virginia and wisconsin, could easily determine who controls the senate and the president's agenda come january. here to walk us through the stakes, are shira toeplitz of "roll call" newspaper, who joins us in the midst of a rust belt reporting tour. and nathan gonzales, who keeps track of senate races for the rothenberg political report. welcome to you both. shira, it's not an accident you happen to be in indiana while news is being committed. i suspect you're responsible for some of it. in fact, it's richard mourdock, the republican senate candidate, who at a debate last night in indiana, was quoted as saying this when he was asked about whether there should be an exception for rape in abortion. he said, "i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something god intended to happen." why did he say that? what did he mean? ask what was
imports of north dakota and northwest minnesota and in canada as well. so some really cold air hanging off in the wing. the back of the tropics, we are still producing tropical storms. this is oscar with 45 miles per hour wind. the store will head toward europe and is not really aimed at us at all. still a little ontil the humid side. still a chance for approval or shower. when will be northwesterly 10 m.p.h. the waves at 1 foot, water temperatures in the low-70's on the bay. the last of the rain and cloudiness will be moving out during the afternoon and into the evening hours. the next french approaches on friday, but it is still off to our northwest -- that next front approaches on friday, but it is still off to our northwest. the rain chance will extend into sunday as well. part of the weekend could be wed. here's the seven best a forecast. 81 degrees today and tomorrow. not a high chance of rain. then the next rain chance extends into monday and that could be a little on the web site as well. by tuesday and wednesday, we are only in the 60's for highs. >> health officials say an outbre
tonight. also tonight, some people in north dakota are digging out from almost a foot of snow. >> 14 inches in parts of northern minnesota. they do not have the big slopes of there. -- out there. let me give you an idea, we are going to go from the 70's to the 40's? this is west of denver. 27 degrees and you can see how there has been some snow out there. in denver, in 1969 they had 27 inches of snow. for us, here we are with a beautiful evening. when you are at a later on at 11 o'clock, take a look at the eastern sky. that a brilliant object, it is the planet jupiter, the planet jupiter is that a bright object near the moon. 83 degrees today. the record, 96. that was the warmest day ever in october, from 1941. right now we are into the 70's -- let's pretend this is going to happen. chicago, 50 degrees. that is the cold air. some 20 almost 30 degrees below where they were 24 hours ago. here is what is going to be going on. here comes this big way that will died down and over us and especially on sunday, bringing in a very cold wet day. tomorrow, temperatures will still be into the 60
, thiske weather he was snowfall in north dakota and theirof montana also had e season.wfall of th it will not be long. >> my goodness. i'm not ready to think about that. let's go to jacqui jeras. we're off to a great start. >> yes, but the system causing the snowfall in the dakotas and minnesota, they could see 6 to 10 inches, that is headed our way. but ahe snowfall, cooldown. sprinkles in the meantime on live super doppler 7. e shenandoah in th stretching towards culpeper, getting some light rain. 71 at reagan national, 69 at .ulles, 7 have to get through the morning,d showers this should give way into sunshine this afternoon. more cooldown in a moment. first let's check on traffic >> .angela [no audio] hello, angela? >> we will check back in with angelyn shortly. residentsunty learning more tonight about to pay for the silver line. will be a public meeting on a the board of create special tax districts around three metro stations planned in the county. meeting started at 7:00 p.m. at the loudoun county public school administration building in ashburn. this weekime to enter give
, in fact, cold enough for snow up across north dakota, south dakota, montana. that's the bold chill that will hit us the second half of the week ebd. end. we're not going to get any snow, but it will feel dramatically cooler. i'm hearing at some housz holds, the heat or at least the ac has been turned off and some folks are a little unskfrtble. foggy one tomorrow morning. there's your showerst konling through and then some clouds, they'll start to break more and more by the time we get two, three, four o'clock tomorrow. four casts looks like this. 65-70 early on in the day tomorrow. high temperature tomorrow getting up to 76-81 degrees. it's also going to be a little breezy during the afternoon. 74 on saturday, 64 degrees on sunday and mighty school for the first part of next week feeling reich november. >> thanks, veronica. >> years of futility, folks, va come to an end in the >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought you to by xfinity. >> it was a history-making game but also a strange afternoon. manager had to get treatment during the game for numbness in his leg. the
. back to you. >> thank you. some folks in north dakota getting a taste of winter and early. they had to pull out the snow shovels and the scraper's. snowstorm left 65 the hundred homes and businesses without power. -- 65000 homes and businesses without power. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> good morning. they only got an inch in fargo but they had about a foot in minnesota. we did not get any snowfall, but we will be talking about a major cooldown. today is the best day of the week for quite some time. sunshine expected once the sun rises, which is a couple hours away. 64 degrees at reagan national, 54 at dulles and manassas. 50 degrees in cumberland. we will warm up nicely today. mostly sunny, less humid 77-82 degrees. there will be rainfall, wind and much colder temperatures. a drop of 25 degrees, easily. now through traffic with angela. >> good morning. it's friday morning. starting nicely. we are seeing overnight work zones if you are trying to get through springfield. once you get on 3 95 northbound, we are still alternating lang closures near edsall road and duke street
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 483 (some duplicates have been removed)